Simple and friendly contact form plugin with button widget

Plugin’s Features:

Contact Form’s Features:

Widget’s Features:

Works with any theme.
Customizable contact form.
Customizable button widget.
Easy user interface.
Mobile adaptive.
Customizable design
Customizable fields.
Change e-mail text.
Shortcode support.
Change color button.
Change color icon.
Change icon.
Change text.
8 animation hover effects.

How to use the button widget?

How to use the contact form?

1. Click on Appearance, and then Widgets.
2. Find and drag a Ajax Contact Form Widget to the Ajax Contact Form Area.
3. Make any desired changes to the Widget settings, and click Save.
4. View the changes on the web site.
1. Click on Ajax CF.
2. Create a new contact form.
3. Use the shortcode, custom link, widget.

Contact form’s field

[acfw30_title text="Contact Form"] – Title shortcode
[acfw30_subtitle text="Use the contact form"] – Subtitle shortcode
[acfw30_input_text name="acfw30_name" required="y" minlength="2" maxlength="15"] – Input text shortcode
[acfw30_input_email name="acfw30_email" required="y"] – Input email shortcode
[acfw30_input_phone name="acfw30_phone" required="y" mask="+7(999)999-9999"] – Input phone shortcode
[acfw30_textarea name="acfw30_textarea" required="y" minlength="2" maxlength="300"] – Textarea shortcode
[acfw30_submit name="acfw30_submit" text="Send"] – Input submit shortcode
[acfw30_page] – Page info shortcode
[acfw30_ip] – IP address shortcode
[acfw30_success_message text="Thank you!"] – Success message shortcode

Contact form’s shortcode


[acfw30 id="14"]


Contact Form
Use the contact form





Contact form’s custom link


<a href="#acfw30_14">Custom link</a>


Custom link